En ny guide har publicerats: att använda utländsk arbetskraft i trädgårds-, bärodlings- och skogsbärbranscherna

IOM Finland har gett ut en kort guide med syfte att stöda arbetsgivare och företag att förstå fenomenet människohandel och dess kännetecken samt förebygga risken för människohandel inom säsongsarbete.

115 persons returned through Assisted Voluntary Return in June

The majority of those assisted in June returned to Iraq, 88 persons. Iraq is the leading country of return for the whole year also, followed by Ukraine, Albania, and Afghanistan.

Hopeful Syrians learn about Finnish society and customs

Learning Finnish words was the most hilarious part of the recent Pre-Departure Orientation training that was held for Finland-bound quota refugees in Turkey. Over 200 persons, all of them Syrian, participated in the three-day training organized by IOM Finland in partnership with IOM Ankara Country office and the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences.

Health and social workers to get tools to help victims of trafficking

Today IOM Finland is launching a new project aimed at giving health and social workers better tools to identify and help victims of trafficking. The launch meeting was held as a picnic in Tähtitorninmäenpuisto in Helsinki, with the expert group of the project.

121 persons returned through Assisted Voluntary Return in May

​The number of persons returning to their countries of origin through the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration in May was 121, slightly less than in April. The total number of migrants assisted with voluntary return by IOM Finland during 2017 is 787. The total number of return countries is 25.

Diversity is Destiny! We Make our Future and Diversity Makes Us

Cultural diversity is the driving force of modern life, has a crucial role in development and underpins the wealth of nations. We will celebrate it this week by observing World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

Paluu Suomesta Afganistaniin - IOM:n tuki palaajille

Kansainvälinen siirtolaisuusjärjestö (IOM) toimii Suomessa Maahanmuuttoviraston palvelutarjoajana avustetun vapaaehtoisen paluun ja paluutuen toteutuksessa. IOM:llä ei ole Suomen kanssa sopimusta tahdonvastaisesti käännytettyjen avustamisesta, eikä IOM voi osallistua tahdonvastaisesti käännytettyjen matkajärjestelyihin. Järjestön perusasiakirjan mukaisesti, IOM voi avustaa vain vapaaehtoista paluumuuttoa (

IOM at World Village Festival 2017

Finland - This year IOM Finland is teaming up with UN’s Development Programme UNDP for the annual World Village Festival in Helsinki on May 27-28, 2017. We will be at the square beside the Central Railway station, in the Open Finland –tent.

Voluntary returns in April: 141 persons returned from Finland with IOM

Since the beginning of 2017 IOM Finland has assisted 661 persons that have wanted to return voluntarily to their countries of origin.

Documenting the drought in Somalia: Born Into Drought

Somalia - In November 2016, rains failed for the third year in a row; forcing Somalia into a devastating drought.

IOM’s photographer Mohammed Muse has visited the hardest hit areas, and documented what the consequences of the drought.