Transporting persons in need of assistance is key to IOM's overall mission of meeting global migration challenges. IOM organizes the safe movement of people for temporary and permanent resettlement or return to their countries of origin. IOM is also able to provide pre-departure medical screening. Activities include the movement of:

  • refugees resettling in new countries
  • family reunifications
  • returning qualified nationals
  • medical cases
  • emergency cases in need of protection

Specific advantages of IOM services are:

  • professional services in assisting refugees and migrants to complete applications for emigration
  • considerably discounted airfares
  • increased luggage allowance
  • departure, transit, and arrival assistance

Services to Persons Selected for Resettlement to Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland

IOM organizes the transportation for the refugees to the Nordic countries (except Norway), including escorts and purchasing of clothes where needed. Before departure IOM carries out the “fitness to travel” check. Exceptionally for Denmark quota refugees the pre-departure health assessment is performed for all applicants in the country of first asylum and includes the taking of the medical history as well as detailed physical examination. The scope of the programme is global. The programme is operated by field missions in the respective locations. IOM Helsinki is the programme manager. IOM provides services to quota refugees selected for resettlement under the framework agreements between IOM and the Finnish Immigration Service, IOM and the Danish Immigration Service and between IOM, the Swedish Migration Agency and Icelandic Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing. IOM also takes care of the travel arrangements for persons resettling to Finland, Denmark and Sweden under a family reunification scheme in partnership with Finnish Immigration Service, Danish Refugee Council, Danish Immigration Service, Swedish Red Cross and Swedish Migration Agency respectively.

Family Reunification self-payer services to Finland, Sweden and Denmark

IOM Helsinki provides travel arrangements and transit assistance for self-payers under the Family Reunification program.

The services provided include:

  • assistance in obtaining exit permits,
  • immigration formalities and verification of travel documents,
  • provision of travel arrangements (international and domestic)
  • transit assistance.

Our charges for sponsor pre-paid cases are as follows:

  • Actual travel cost with an addition of fluctuation rate of 3%
  • Service fee 100 USD per person
  • Transit assistance fee according to the transit point.
  • Issuance of travel document and exit permit costs
  • Invoicing fee of 20 USD per invoice
  • ground transportation

Kindly note:

  • IOM does not make partial travel arrangement
  • The settlement of invoice can be done in Finland or at departure point.
  • Payment should be in USD or EUR


For more details kindly contact IOM Helsinki Resettlement:
+358 684 11 50