IOM Finland assisted one voluntary returnee in May 2020

AVRR, Assisted Voluntary Return, Statistics

1.6.2020 Helsinki

In May 2020, IOM Finland could assist one beneficiary to return voluntarily to the country of origin due to movement restrictions caused by COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020 IOM Finland has assisted a total of 69 beneficiaries to return to their countries of origin. Most beneficiaries returned to Iraq, Russian Federation and Belarus.  

Currently, IOM continues to assist migrants on a case by case basis. Beneficiaries may be able to travel depending on restrictions in transit and destination countries, as well as the availability of travel options. The AVRR Team continues to counsel beneficiaries online and register new referrals. Reintegration support is also being delivered to those beneficiaries who have already returned to their countries of origin.

IOM Finland's assistance to voluntary returnees from Finland is based on an agreement with the Finnish Immigration Service, Migri. Returnees can be granted either cash grants to help them reintegrate or in-kind-support such as assistance for starting a micro business.

According to IOM, voluntary return should always be the preferred mode of return, as it is the most sustainable alternative in view of the reintegration of migrants.

Read more about our work with voluntary return here.


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Assisted voluntary return and reintegration statistics of May 2020.