IOM Finland opens up discussion on AVRR

IOM Finland in November organized an afternoon of discussion with civil society actors to open up for a dialogue on Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration. AVRR-programmes have been the subject of discussions in Finland lately as many of the asylum seekers, who came in 2015, are now receiving negative decisions and are thinking about AVRR.

IOM Finland's AVRR Programme Coordinator Tobias van Treeck and the Regional Thematic Specialist Laurence Hunzinger from the Brussels office presented the AVRR programme in Finland, EU and worldwide, and then opened up for a disucssion with the participants who were both representatives of organizations and actors in the field of migration and migration activists.

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IOM:n Tobias van Treeck, Laurence Hunzinger ja Sanna Karlsson keskustelivat vapaaehtoisesta paluusta.