MIDA FINNSOM -project: New dialysis unit opening in Somaliland

MIDA, MIDA FINNSOM, Somalia, Somaliland, dialysis

The situation for those needing dialysis treatment in Somaliland is getting much better next year when the areas second dialysis unit will be opening in the city of Borama. The project leader, Ahmed Haddi from Finland, was also involved in the founding of the first dialysis unit in Somaliland and in the whole of Somalia in Hargeisa Group Hospital, through IOM's MIDA FINNSOM –project.

The new unit at Borama General Hospital is already being built with funds from the Health MInistry of Somaliland and Ahmed Haddi is hopeful that it can be taken into use in the beginning of 2018. The start is being greatly helped byt five machines for dialysis treatment, received as a gift from the Lund University Hospital in Sweden. The gift came after Haddi held a talk at a Nordic dialysis conference in June.

More about the project (in Finnish)