UN Village at the World Village festival

What kind of world do you want to see in 2030? Come to the UN-tent at the World Village Festival in Helsinki at the end of May to envision a more sustainable world together with us!

Migrants lead fight against TB

Tuberculosis, or TB, continues to be the leading cause of death from a single infectious agent worldwide, according to the Global TB Report 2017. Every day, there are 28,000 new TB cases and 4,500 related deaths.

On 24 March, IOM, the UN Migration Agency, and other partners will honor the many ‘Leaders for a TB-free world’ for World Tuberculosis Day.


IOM launches a new global Twitter Dashboard

To increase the reach and acceptance of IOM’s voice, we have been turning to our expert, globally-scattered professional staff to include social media as a key communication tool, especially Twitter. To this end, we have created a new global Twitter Dashboard on IOM’s global website, aimed at leveraging the credibility and insights of our staff and missions

#imwithyou - IOM stands up against racism during the week against racism

This year the national campaign on the week against racism 19-25 of March highlights how everyone can take part in creating an equal and safe community and society that is open to all.

JOINT STATEMENT: Coercion of children to obtain fingerprints and facial images is never acceptable

JOINT STATEMENT: Coercion of children to obtain fingerprints and facial images is never acceptable

We, the undersigned civil society and UN organizations, are concerned by proposals now under consideration as part of the ongoing reform of the Common European Asylum System which would allow the use of coercion to take the fingerprints and facial images of children.

Almost 200 returns during the first two months of 2018

Over the first two months of the year 2018 almost 200 hundred persons chose to return to their countries of origin from Finland through IOM's programme for Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR). Of these, 161 persons returned to Iraq.

IOM Celebrates Migrant Women and Girls—and values diversity on the move

Women and girls represent a significant proportion of people on the move worldwide, all of whom carry with them a heart full of hope, a mind filled with ideas, and a diverse range of migration experiences. IOM, the UN Migration Agency, stands with each and every one of them on International Women’s Day 2018 and embraces the official United Nations theme: Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives. We stand together with them and raise our voices with and in support of all migrant women and girls.

Opening the Dialogue on Preventing Exploitation of Seasonal Agricultural Workers

IOM Finland has taken the initiative to bring together parties from the retail sector, labour and employer's unions and the government to discuss the rights of seasonal migrant workers in agriculture. Easy information is needed for employers to know more about for instance human trafficking.

Massive Data Gaps Leave Refugee, Migrant and Displaced Children in Danger and Without Access to Basic Services

Mariem, 8, a refugee from the Syrian Arab Republic, at her family's shelter in Pikpa Village, a refugee camp outside the Mytilini, Lesvos, Greece, on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

An estimated 28 million children were living in forced displacement in 2016, but the true figure is likely much higher. Gaps in data covering refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and internally displaced populations are endangering the lives and wellbeing of millions of children on the move, warned five UN and partner agencies today (15/02). In ‘A call to action: Protecting children on the move starts with better data’, IOM, UNICEF, UNHCR, Eurostat and OECD together show how crucial data are to understanding the patterns of global migration and developing policies to support vulnerable groups like children.

“Uusi tilanne stressaa siirtolaisia menneisyyttä enemmän”

14.02.2018, Helsinki

”Monesti siirtolaisten normaalit stressireaktiot ymmärretään väärin ja tulkitaan merkkeinä psyykkisestä sairaudesta”, sanoo Guglielmo Schininá. Hän vastaa psykososiaalisen tuen ohjelmista Kansainvälisessä Siirtolaisuusjärjestö IOM:ssä ja vieraili syksyllä Helsingissä.