The Health situation in Somalia


When the Health Minister of Somalia, Ms. Fawziya Abiikar Nur, visited Finland earlier this autumn she talked about the health situation in Somalia.

Participate with us in the UN Day events!

Welcome to the UN Day events!

This year on UN Day the focus is on the Sustainable Development Goals and on how to get everyone participating in realizing them. There will be an event on October 24th in Helsinki, at the Marina Congress Centre, with panel discussions and a lecture.

Voluntary returns: 84 persons returned in September

In September 84 persons returned through IOM Finland's program for Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR). The majority - 57 persons - returned to Iraq. The second destination in September was Albania, where 15 persons returned.

MIDA FINNSOM -project: New dialysis unit opening in Somaliland

The situation for those needing dialysis treatment in Somaliland is getting much better next year when the areas second dialysis unit will be opening in the city of Borama. 

Good results halfway through the MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education –project

The midterm review of the MIDA FINNSOM Health and Education –project showed that good achievements have been made and the project is well on it’s way to becoming a continuation of the success stories of the MIDA FINNSOM –projects.

The project coordinator, Anna Aguilera-Pesä and the the liaison coordinator Saed Guled organized a mid-term review meeting with the counterparts in Mogadishu in the middle of September.

Rohingya Refugees Struggle to Survive in Cox’s Bazar Settlements

 Bangladesh (IOM) – Over the past month an estimated 430,000 ethnic Rohingya people have made the dangerous and arduous journey from Myanmar’s North Rakhine State to Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh to escape the ongoing violence described by the UN as “ethnic cleansing”.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (in Finnish)

 We have compiled answers to questions that are frequently asked of us, especially about the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration -programme.

Praise for IOM's MIDA FINNSOM -programme

 IOM's MIDA FINNSOM is getting praise from within the Somali government.

Over 1000 voluntary returns from Finland this year

 The number of assisted voluntary returns this year is now more than 1000. Migrants have returned to over 30 countries with the assistance of IOM Finland.