International Migrants Day: "Safe migration in a world on the move"

"Safe migration in a world on the move" is the theme of this year’s International Migrants Day, celebrated on Monday. The world needs to come together to protect all migrants wherever they are, countries of origin, transit or destination.

IOM Finland opens up discussion on AVRR

IOM Finland in November organized an afternoon of discussion with civil society actors to open up for a dialogue on Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration.

Iraq is the biggest country of voluntary return from Finland

 In November 119 persons chose to return to their countries of origin from Finland through IOM's programme for Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR). Of these 90 persons returned to Iraq.

Film Festival Time: The Journey

YK-kino ja Global Migration Film Festival esittävät maanantaina 20.11.2017 klo 18.00 Kino Andorrassa, Helsingissä Matthew Casselin dokumentin ”The Journey” yhteistyössä Suomen YK-liiton kanssa. Dokumentissa seurataan syyrialaisen pakolaisen Aboud Shalhoubin yli 2700 kilometrin pituista matkaa Eurooppaan ja sen halki. Samalla keskustellaan siirtolaisuudesta Euroopasta ja Eurooppaan ennen ja nyt.

More returnees are chosing in-kind support

During October 2017, 116 persons returned from Finland through IOM's Assisted Voluntary Retrn and Reintegration support programme. That is an increase from the previous months. The number of returns since the beginning of the year is 1234. Of those 954 have returned to Iraq. Altogether the number of return countries is 33.

Award to Finnish film at IOM's Plural+ -competition

A film by Finnish duo Saara Miira Kokkonen and Heta Laiho will be given an award at the Plural+ -film competition, which is organized by IOM and UNAOC (United Nations Alliance of Civilizations). The ceremony will be held in New York on Friday evening November 10th.

The Health situation in Somalia

When the Health Minister of Somalia, Ms. Fawziya Abiikar Nur, visited Finland earlier this autumn she talked about the health situation in Somalia.


Participate with us in the UN Day events!

Welcome to the UN Day events!

This year on UN Day the focus is on the Sustainable Development Goals and on how to get everyone participating in realizing them. There will be an event on October 24th in Helsinki, at the Marina Congress Centre, with panel discussions and a lecture.

Voluntary returns: 84 persons returned in September

In September 84 persons returned through IOM Finland's program for Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR). The majority - 57 persons - returned to Iraq. The second destination in September was Albania, where 15 persons returned.

MIDA FINNSOM -project: New dialysis unit opening in Somaliland

The situation for those needing dialysis treatment in Somaliland is getting much better next year when the areas second dialysis unit will be opening in the city of Borama.