Human trafficking

Caring for victims of trafficking: interview with US expert Hanni Stocklosa published

Hanni Stoklosa, an American expert on human trafficking20.6.2019

Did you know, that human trafficking victims have mental health problems similar to prisoners of war?  

IOM Finland interviewed Hanni Stoklosa, an American expert on human trafficking in a in 3-part video series discussing identification, trauma-informed care and effects of trafficking on victims' health. Stoklosa works as an emergency physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and has collaborated with IOM globally for several years.

The video series is out on IOM Finland's Youtube.


Remember the person, not just the case of human trafficking

Human trafficking is a phenomenon that has been going on for ages. In today’s world, the chains used by the traffickers are invisible making the crime even harder to combat. Health care professionals have a role to play in fighting the vice. This is what they need to know.


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