Finnish Baby Aid Kits for improving maternal health in Somalia

7 January 2019

In the spirit of the Holiday Season and as an act of Social Responsibility, two Finnish companies donated 100 Finnish Baby Aid Kits to IOM’s MIDA FINNSOM projects. The kits will be distributed in Somalian hospitals where the project’s diaspora experts work in areas of child and neonatal health. The Finnish Baby Aid Kit, a modification of Finland’s famous Maternity Package, includes baby and maternity products, and a basic childbirth kit. Its content is suitable for use in rough conditions.


Private Sector Partnerships – MIDA FINNSOM works with telemedicine and Baby Aid Kits

Private sector companies and service providers have always been used in the development aid projects. However in the recent decade more and more tools and support mechanisms are being developed to raise the level and intensity of private sector engagement both in the traditional development aid projects as well as in growing economies in developing countries.


Finnish Baby Aid Kits

IOM Finland has entered into a partnership with a Finnish company called Logonet to improve maternal health in Somalia with Finnish Baby Aid Kits. The Finnish Baby Aid Kit is a childbirth and nursing kit that is especially developed to be used in developing countries as well as in crisis and emergency conditions. The kit contains materials for childbirth and nursing a new-born.



Telemedicine Online Services to Somalia

Addressing the Health Sector Gaps and Expert-to-Expert Knowledge Transfer


Suomen Kotilääkäripalvelu (SKP) provides technological and human resources in form of telemedicine consultations and services in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to Somaliland. The collaboration started in 2015 and the main objective is to provide support for increasing the quality of maternal and dental health care provision in targeted public health institutions in Somaliland.


MIDA FINNSOM -project: New dialysis unit opening in Somaliland

The situation for those needing dialysis treatment in Somaliland is getting much better next year when the areas second dialysis unit will be opening in the city of Borama. 

MIDA FINNSOM –hanke: Uusi dialyysiosasto rakenteilla Somalimaahan

Dialyysihoitoa tarvitsevien potilaiden tilanne Somalimaassa paranee ensi vuonna huomattavasti kun Boraman kaupungin sairaalaan avataan maan toinen dialyysiosasto. Hankkeen vetäjä, suomalainen Ahmed Haddi, on ollut IOM:n MIDA FINNSOM–projektin kautta mukana perustamassa myös Somalimaan, ja koko Somalian, ensimmäistä dialyysiosastoa Hargeisa Group Hospitaliin.


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