Voluntary Return

Sustainable reintegration of voluntary returnees requires efforts beyond individual assistance, new IOM report shows

12.11.2019 Helsinki

The reintegration of voluntary returnees from Finland to their countries of origin has been moderately sustainable, according to a survey conducted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Finland. While slightly more sustainable outcomes were observed concerning social and psychosocial aspects of returnees’ reintegration, livelihood was a concern for a majority. Some particular reintegration challenges were noted for those who returned to places other than their community of origin.


IOM Finland assisted 25 voluntary returnees in October 2019

11.11.2019 Helsinki

In October 2019, IOM Finland assisted 25 persons to return voluntarily from Finland to their countries of origin. This is slightly a lower number than in the same month previous year. In 2019, most beneficiaries returned voluntarily from Finland to Iraq, Russian Federation and Georgia.


IOM Finland assisted 29 voluntary returnees in September

IOM Finland assisted 29 persons to return voluntary from Finland to their countries of origin.2.10.2019

In September 2019, IOM Finland assisted 29 persons to return voluntarily from Finland to their countries of origin. The numbers of voluntary returnees are approximately at the same level as in the previous year at this time. Similarly to the past months, most beneficiaries in September returned to Iraq.


IOM Finland assisted 35 voluntary returnees in August


In August 2019, IOM Finland assisted 35 persons to return voluntarily to their home countries.


IOM Finland assisted 40 voluntary returnees in June 2019

AVRR statistics Jan-June 20193.7.2019

In June 2019, a total of 40 persons returned voluntarily with the assistance of IOM Finland. The number is lower than in the previous month and also lower compared to the same month last year. Most of the beneficiaries returned to Iraq.


Return programme in Iceland continues

IOM Finlands assists voluntary returnees from Finland and Iceland.

IOM Finland and the Icelandic authorities have agreed to continue their cooperation on migrant returns. IOM Finland will continue to provide Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) services to eligible migrants who wish to return home from Iceland at least until January of 2020.