Teemakoulutuksia siirtolaisuusterveydestä ja ihmiskaupasta sosiaali- ja terveysalan ammattilaisille

IOM järjestää maksuttomia teemakoulutuksia sosiaali- ja terveysalan ammattilaisille alkuvuodesta 2019 seuraavilla paikkakunnilla: Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Kuopio, Turku.

Aiheina siirtolaisuusterveys ja ihmiskauppa. Ilmoittaudu mukaan täältä.

IOM Finland assisted 41 voluntary returnees in October 2018

In October 2018 a total of 41 persons returned voluntarily with the assistance of IOM Finland. 


Many Finland-bound quota refugees trained in Turkey in July

A large part of the quota refugees bound for Finland in 2018 got their pre-departure orientation in Turkey in July.

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Inspiring lecture on health care for victims of human trafficking

On Thursday morning an enthusiastic audience of health and social workers, and representatives from organizations and institutions had a chance to listen to American expert on human trafficking, MD, MPH Hanni Stoklosa lecture. The workshop was held at THL, the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki.

Workshop on human trafficking with leading expert 21 and 23 August

On August 23 the Embassy of the United States of America and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are organizing a workshop with leading US expert Ms. Hanni Stoklosa.

The workshop has the title: Healthcare and Human Trafficking: A Doctor‘s Perspective. Ms. Stoklosa will be facilitating and focusing on the impact of exploitation on health and mental wellbeing of victims of trafficking as well as on special consideration in providing trauma-informed care for victims of trafficking. In addition, case examples will be examined and discussed.

Almost a third of returnees are families

During the first seven years of the month IOM Finland has assisted almost 500 persons with voluntary return and reintegration to their countries of departure. Almost one third of these have been travling as families or couples.

Fruitful discussion on the invisibles of our society

SuomiAreenassa keskustelumme teemana oli Näkymättömät - yhteiskunnan haavoittuvaisetOn Wednesday July 18 we organized a discussion on the people who often are not seen in our society: the undocumented migrants and the victims of human trafficking. Top level Finnish politicians and a representative of the Police Board discussed different aspects of how these people are treated and what the government does now and could do in the future.

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Over 500 migrants have applied for voluntary return this year

In June 2018 a total of 51 persons returned voluntarily with the assistance of IOM Finland. This is a lower number than in May and also compared to the same month in the previous year. Overall this year, 447 migrants have returned to their countries of origin through IOM's Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) programme.

IOM mukana SuomiAreenassa keskustelemassa haavoittuvuudesta

IOM:n Suomen-toimisto on mukana SuomiAreenassa Porissa tänä vuonna! Keskustelutilaisuus Näkymättömät – keskustelu haavoittuvuudesta, paperittomuudesta ja ihmiskaupasta järjestetään keskiviikkona 18.7. klo 17.30-18.30 Eetunaukion lavalla Itäpuistossa. Mukana järjestämässä myös Ihmiskaupan uhrien auttamisjärjestelmä ja Suomen Pakolaisapu

Antonio Vitorino has been elected as IOM's next Director General

Antonio Vitorino has been elected as IOM's next Director General.

Antonio Vitorino from Portugal has been elected as IOM's next Director General. He will take over from American William Lacy Swing, who has served two terms of five years each. Mr. Vitorino starts his term on 1 October, 2018.