"They are so angry!" - We need to understand migrant's stress reactions better

"The migrants and refugees are so angry, the police officers and border guards  tell me - Guglielmo Schinináand I tell them it is a normal reaction to stress", says Guglielmo Schininá, who is in charge of psychosocial support programmes at IOM.

He visited IOM Finland during the autumn. Psychosocial support is the support to persons who have been to crisis to help them cope psychologically and socially through the aftermath.

He said that there needs to be a bigger understanding of stress reactions migrants are facing.

"Often normal stress reactions are misunderstood and judged as signs of mental illness.".

IOM has psychosocial support programs in 42 countries. Some of the programmes are directed directly at migrants, while others target governments agencies and experts, who support migrants.

More on Schininás visit (in Finnish).