Almost 7500 persons resettled to four Nordic countries

Resettlement going on in Jordan.

In 2017 the resettlement unit of IOM Finland moved a total of 7478 persons to the four Nordic countries, in which we handle resettlement operations.

The biggest amount by far is for people bound for Sweden, with a total of 6301 persons. Of these 3401 were quota refugees, that were resettled to Sweden from third countries.

The number of quota refugees has risen quite steeply in Sweden from 1900 to 3400, but IOM Finland and the Swedish Migration Agency managed in cooperation to organize the transport for almost exactly that amount, with projected numbers and realized numbers just one person apart.

In 2018 the number of quota refugees to Sweden will be higher still, at 5000, and the resettlement unit at IOM Finland is already working hard to make that plan come true.

There were also a total of 2900 family reunification cases to Sweden, through two different donors, one by the Swedish Migration Agency and the other by the Swedish Red Cross.

For Finland the numbers of quota refugees and family reunifications be self-payers was a total of 1102 persons.

For Iceland this number was 70 for last year.

Denmark has closed most of its programmes, so the number of quota refugees to Denmark last year through IOM Finland was just 5. The year before the number of quota refugees to Denmark was 311.