Our work during 2019 in numbers

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Our projects in numbers, 2019.14.2.2020 Helsinki

The numbers of IOM Finland’s work from 2019 are now published. The table presents the numbers of IOM Finland’s projects that were active during 2019.

IOM Finland assisted a total number of 406 beneficiaries to return voluntarily from Finland to 39 countries of origin. Most beneficiaries returned voluntarily to Iraq, Russian Federation and Georgia. 374 migrants received reintegration assistance, which can be either a cash grant to help them reintegrate in their country of origin or in-kind-support such as assistance for starting a micro business.

IOM organizes the safe movement of people for temporary and permanent resettlement. Last year IOM Finland organized the resettlement of 7082 people from 66 different countries. The resettlement activities include for example family reunification cases and the transport of quota refugees to their new home countries.

767 quota refugees received pre-departure cultural orientation, meaning a training course that provides practical information on destination country and its culture. The pre-departure cultural orientation is given for refugees selected to resettle in Finland or in Iceland.

IOM Finland supports the implementation of MIDA FINNSOM project. Last year it financed the temporary return of 45 health and education professionals belonging to the Somali diaspora aiming to rehabilitate the health and education sectors in Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Somalia. The health and education professionals were working in 18 different institutions.

IOM Finland’s counter-trafficking team educated 370 Finnish social and health care professionals on the impact of trafficking on victims’ health and well-being. The trainings provided information on recognizing human trafficking cases, caring for victims of trafficking and promoting their health and well-being.