Migrant Integration


IOM supports policies and strategies that promote the social, economic and cultural inclusion of migrants within existing legal frameworks in countries of destination.  

Its focus is on the development of strategies that help migrants better integrate into new communities as well as assisting receiving communities to recognize the positive contributions that migrants can make.  

This two-way integration process is essential for the existence of thriving, diverse communities. 



Pre-departure Orientation

Pre-departure cultural orientation prepares quota refugees coming to Finland before they embark on their journeys by providing practical information about the destination community.   

The orientation helps the refugees develop useful skills for living in a new culture and helps them adapt to their new environment. The goal of the orientation is to foster realistic ideas and expectations of what will be waiting for them. The model has been proven successful in advancing early and effective integration.  


Successful integration in the new home country: Navigator project

IOM Finland, the Finnish Refugee Council and the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences are cooperating in a project called Navigator – Towards diversity in municipalities, to advance the integration of quota refugees in Finland.   

Navigator works to build the capacities of municipal workers and decision-makers by providing trainings on migration, the resettlement process and refugees. The trainings are created in a needs-based and participatory way together with the municipalities. 

In addition, the project organises civic orientation courses, developed by the Finnish Refugee Council, which offer basic information about Finland to refugees in their own languages.      

The project is implemented in 2018-2021 in ten target municipalities around the capital area.     

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Old projects: 

Turvapaikanhakijoille suunnattu työelämäpilotti (2017-2018)  


Encouragement and realism – how to get a job in Finland as an asylum seeker?